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Powering a life long generation of businesses in Nigeria Foodhive is a technology company solving ordering and delivery problems for ambitious food service businesses. Our mission is to help businesses in Nigeria become profitable and loved.
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A Modern Food Multi-Vendor Marketplace

A Modern Food Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Foodhive builds technology to help Nigeria's best food service businesses grow - from new startups, to market leaders launching any business models. 

We’re inspired by a vision of millions of exceptional food service businesses across the nation who’re profitable,  and loved.

We believe that in our lifetimes, such businesses in Nigeria will routinely go toe to toe with the best companies on the planet, and win in providing essential services for the increasing population. 

Building that platform in this world gives us a sense of direction, every day.

Top Food Service Providers

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Core Values

As a business it is your corporate responsibility to define your purpose, thus ensuring a smooth communication process between your customers and you.
Remember that people are trusting you with their resources. Carefully give this responsibility your very best. Don’t pass the blame - take ownership of your responsibilities, think three steps ahead. Be a service expert your customers can rely on. Deliver consistent excellence, and require it from others.
The mission is bigger than any of us. Celebrate the wins, and cherish both the lessons, and the people you’ll meet along the way. Be brave. Banish fear. Have fun. ❤️
Be open to your customers about your business and remember that this means to detail every aspect of your business as much as possible for proper communication to take place.
Proudly Nigeria Food Hive is entirely designed and built in the dynamic, entrepreneurial cities of Owerri and Lagos!
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