Creating The World’s Greatest Food Community With Food Hive


Food Hive is a full fledged commission based food multi-vendor marketplace where businesses that deal in food service showcase their services and products to customers.
Businesses register a profile using any of the membership plan provided by Food Hive. After activating a membership plan successfully they can add their menus and cuisine too.

The Commission based system entails that depending on what plan the businesses opt-in, a charge rate is taken as commission for each product sold on Food Hive. The remaining balance is left to the business.

Users too can register and order from any vendor and get their delivery to their doorstep location or even pick it up.

All businesses using Food Hive get to use premium order service management, the first of it's kind in Nigeria. This means, instead of a food service to lose track of who have ordered meals, they have a central dashboard to manage customer purchase, earning, social impressions and much more.

Businesses using Food Hive can run Ads on the platform too and get a large based of customers to view their service.

Businesses using our service get a special advantage of our Premium SEO service. This means that once a search (or relevant query) is made on search engines such as Google, your business is showing in the Search Engine Result Pages.

Businesses can request to withdraw earnings which will be paid out on a daily or when scheduled by the business service provider.

There are numerous benefits of using Food Hive, and it includes:

  1. Centralized System
  2. Unique Dashboard
  3. Membership Plan
  4. Review System
  5. Earnings
  6. Secure Data Management
  7. Promotional Articles on our Blog
  8. Trusted Service
  9. Customer Service Support
  10. and more.

For commission based earnings differ based on membership plan. Be sure to read the details of any membership plan before proceeding as commissions are charged per each sell of a product or service.

When any order has been placed to the restaurant, Earning amount will appear only when our systems has approved the order Transaction from back-end in case of Cash on delivery or it will automatically approved in case of successful transaction using any other payment gateway. 

An administrator can approve the transaction under the Dashboard > Order > Inquiries > Transactions. 

After that restaurant owner will change the order status to complete and can see total sales and Earnings in their business dashboard. 

After this happens, the business owner can see the deducted commission under their dashboard’s Earnings section by  subtracting total earnings from total sales.


Buyer can do orders according to their requirement and taste.  After Login to site buyer can place order to any Restaurant by following these steps.

  • Login to buyer account
  • Open any restaurant page from suggestions on dashboard or from other page (i.e Restaurant listings page or Home page)
  • Add the items you want into the cart
  • Select the payment way you want to use and Click Confirm Order
  • Proceed to your selected Payment Gateways to add payment information 
  • Both buyer and restaurant receive email about order placed.

*In case of selecting cash payment upon clicking confirm order, order will be placed to the restaurant with the transaction status Pending in Site’s Admin dashboard. In case of successful payment using card payment,  order will be placed to the restaurant with the transaction status Approved in Site’s system penal dashboard.

Once you have received a request by a customer and the order fits your requirement, you can proceed to serve the food or delivery as deem fit.

Yes, managers can accept food orders simultaneously.
In the event where the customer who requested for the food item is late or could not accept delivery, it's best to note that the money won't be refunded if the issues is from the users side of view. However, such cold cases should be alerted to our team for follow up.

A business account enables food vendors and restaurant to operate as business on the Food Hive platform.


Our membership fees are varied from days to months. We will be adding plans for yearly based service fee.
By using credit/debit cards, QR Codes and your account number you can use any of the option when prompted by our payment merchant Paystack.
Payment is transferred to your bank account in one full working day. If delay ensues, we'll let you know and tell you how to go about it. In most cases, if payment lags, our Payment merchant (Paystack) will notify us about it and we'll be in touch.